Why bother writing a blog few read?

When I first decided to write a blog, I did it because I wanted to be part of the conversations going on in our world. I’m a big believer that everyone’s voice matters. So, I thought I’d be sure mine was heard. I wanted my voice on record. I didn’t give much thought to how many people would or wouldn’t read it. I assumed people would. I just didn’t know how many.

As my blog developed, I was pleasantly surprised if a post received good traction. I have no social standing, so, if I had a few hundred people read a post I was pretty happy. On a few occasions my posts have been widely recirculated and have been read by up to five thousand people. In those rare instances, I’ve been quite ecstatic. However, the reality is that most of my posts are only read by 20 to 75 people. Which, considering I intentionally only have around 250 friends on Facebook, that’s not too bad. I guess.

Sometimes, I can write about an advocacy topic I’m quite passionate about, but it might only get a dozen views or so. I’ve had a few with only a handful of views. That’s disappointing.

I ask myself. Why bother writing if no one really wants to read what I write?

It all comes back to why I chose to write. I want my voice added to the conversation. Whether or not anyone else hears that voice is beyond my control.

I write because it’s in me to do so. Almost every piece I write comes from a place within me that I can’t stop. When I have a topic to write about, I’m filled with passion. I get excited. I can’t help but write. Sometimes, when I get an inspiration on a topic, I tell myself I’ll write about it tomorrow, or later that day. But invariably I find myself heading to my computer to start writing. I have never experienced writer’s block on any level once I choose to write. If I’m not writing for long periods of time it’s related to my mental and physical state. Sometimes, far too often, I’m too drained emotionally and physically from life. A life I love. I’ve discovered this happens more and more as I age.

Even though I try hard not to think about the low readership my blog gets, it does bother me. I can’t lie. I write because I think I have something of value to share, so, when others don’t see it that way it can be discouraging. In those moments I remind myself why I write. I write because its in me to do so.

I’m a writer.

So, I write.

I don’t want it to ever be said I didn’t speak out, that I didn’t try to make my voice heard when I felt the innate call to do so. I understand it’s not something everyone feels a call to do. But for me, it’s must part of who I am. To stop doing it would go against who I believe I am.

Why do I bother writing even if no one will read it?

Because I must.


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