Want to help out in your neighbourhood? Shovel your sidewalk.

It’s not about you.

We don’t shovel our sidewalks for ourselves. We do it for our neighbours, such as the seniors who want to go out for a walk on a winter day without having to worry about falling down, or the parent taking their baby for a walk in their stroller without having to maneuver through snow covered sidewalks.

We shovel our driveways for ourselves, or for those who may come to visit our home. But shoveling the sidewalk is our way of being a contributing member of our neighbourhood.  

Most of us have fairly short sidewalks, forty to fifty feet. It only takes a few minutes to shovel your sidewalk first thing in the morning before your day starts. There are a lot of early walkers out there. Do it for them.

If your neighbour hasn’t had the opportunity to get out and shovel theirs when your out there, take a few minutes to do theirs too, maybe do a few neighbours. You might be surprised at the good community spirit this can foster.

Happy shoveling!


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