The Single Most Important Thing We Can Do to End Homelessness and Poverty

The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness (CAEH) just launched a national campaign, Recovery for All, to end homelessness in Canada. Being part of this movement may just be the single most important opportunity we have to make difference. CAEH has been advocating to end homelessness for years. I’m part of this movement. You can be too. Small steps have been made to reduce homelessness, though encouraging as they may be, they’re minor incremental steps in comparison to what needs to happen to end homelessness in Canada.

As I wrote in my earlier post, Universal Basic Income’s Time has Come, because of COVID-19 and the high profile brought to UBI (Universal Basic Income) by U.S. presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s Freedom Dividend, where each U.S. adult would receive $1,000 monthly, Canada and the world are in unfamiliar political climates where unprecedented improvements to policy changes can take place and lead to ending poverty and homelessness.

Let’s be clear. Homelessness is a policy choice.  

The quick financial assistance response to the COVID-19 pandemic with CERB (Canadian Emergency Response Benefit) for individuals, CEWS (Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy and CEBA (Canadian Emergency Business Account) for business, as well as other assistance would have been unthinkable prior to this crisis. A crisis was recognized and our political system stepped up, as did similar assistance programs around the world.

A crisis was recognized. Governments responded.

We have a homelessness and poverty crisis in Canada.

It is not yet being responded to in a way that makes any significant difference.

We can do better.

We have a unique opportunity to harness the times we are in. The political climate is more open than ever to implementing the major policy plans required to respond to the homelessness crisis in Canada. We can do this. I urge us all to become part of the solution.

“Our government needs to fund a COVID-19 recovery that will make the right investments that not only stimulates the economy by creating jobs, but helps those who need it most by creating housing and economic support. If done right, this recovery effort can end homelessness in Canada, once and for all.”    ~ Recovery for All

Please take action. Go to this link and read the Six Point Plan to End Homelessness in Canada.

Then, Take action now and Sign up.

We can do this. Join me. Join this movement to end homelessness in Canada.


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