Our Voices Matter

It’s easy in this crowded noisy world to think that our voices don’t matter, that no one cares what we think or what we have to say.

It’s easy to think that our voice can’t make a difference. Let’s not get caught in that trap.

Our voices do matter.

What we say can make a difference. Change happens when individuals like you and me choose to speak up. It’s when we decide to join the ongoing conversations taking place all around us that the pendulum starts to swing the other way.

It’s easy for us to think that there are way too many issues that need to be addressed, so why bother.

It’s true, one person can’t address every issue we face at a local level, let alone a world issue. However, we shouldn’t let that discourage us. If we find something that we care about it’s worth speaking up about it. If we don’t, maybe no one will. If we do, maybe someone else is encouraged to speak up too.

Maybe we can add our voice to someone else’s to encourage change.

It starts with one voice, but real change comes when that voice is joined by others.

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