Hey McDonald’s. Why did you stop recycling?

I need to confess that I love McDonald’s. I’ve been enjoying it since I was a kid. That’s over fifty years now. For about the past ten years I enjoy a Quarter Pound combo about every two weeks. I work out three times a week so it’s a treat for me to savour my favourite fast food meal once in a while.

I don’t know when they started it, but it’s been at least seven years or so since I noticed that McDonald’s provided a recycling option when disposing of the residual packaging after a meal. This gave those of us who want to recycle an opportunity to do so. I’ve noticed over the past few months that several locations didn’t seem to provide the recycling option. Today when I went to my regular local McDonald’s I noticed they removed the recycling section.

I asked the manager where they went. He said they removed the recycling section because it wasn’t being used properly, and because of improper use the material was ending up in the garbage anyway.

I found McDonald’s response disappointing.

My expectation is that McDonald’s be a strong and good corporate citizen and find ways to make it work.

Not recycling shouldn’t be an option.

I’m sure that McDonald’s can find creative ways to make recycling work. I encourage you, McDonald’s, to put in a better effort to recycle at all your locations. I don’t know if you need to invest in consumer education or changing your own corporate culture in regards to recycling, or both. Either way, recycling needs to happen. Perhaps you should put more of your resources into making it a reality. Given that your products create such high levels of recyclable waste you need to provide recycling options. No McDonald’s location should be without a recycling option.

The volume of recyclable material that goes to land fill is unacceptable.

I consider McDonald’s a leader in the fast food industry. I expect them to lead in the area of recycling.

2 thoughts on “Hey McDonald’s. Why did you stop recycling?

  1. Joanne Charbonneau says:

    That’s CRAZY!!!! We have to speak up! Thanks again for bringing an important matter to our attention Steve. ‘m going to post this at my school and encourage people to speak up about it when they go to McDonald’s. As a teacher, I have realized that parents take more action when they are encouraged by their children. What parent can still keep avoid using a green bin when their child insists on using it and understanding the benefits? Children often understand and care more about environmental issues than adults. They really ARE the future.

    • sauthier says:

      Thanks for posting it at your school. I hope that it encourages people to engage in support of our environment.

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