To Remember is to work for peace. What does that mean?


I recall years ago when I first heard the line To Remember is to work for peace. I was struck by it’s call to action. I’ve always considered myself a patriotic Canadian. Remembrance Day was a day where I took the time to reflect on the tragedy of past wars, on the sacrifice of so many who died, who served, who’s lives were lost to war and who’s lands were ravaged by war. Even though I honoured the day by reflecting, I always sensed there was something missing to my time of reflection.

Taking action.

That’s what was missing for me.

Thousands of years of human history has taught us that war is a horrible solution to conflict resolution. There are better ways to resolve conflicts. Violence is never the best solution.

Peace is a much more effective way.

Nonviolent conflict resolution is a mindset that can change the world for the better.

In 1989 a pastor in Ontario suggested that a message of peace during the Remembrance Day period be shared. The idea was embraced by MCC Ontario and the simple message to remember is to work for peace was born.

If globally we spent a fraction of our resources on nonviolent conflict resolution and peacebuilding we could make a dramatic shift in violence across the world, not just wars but violence against women, children, and innocent people.

There is a better way. The way of peace.

Peace starts in our hearts. Within ourselves we can embrace ways of peace, mindsets that guide us towards nonviolence, towards acts of love and compassion.

I served on MCC Ontario’s board for years. I saw the work they did locally and supported globally to promote peacebuilding. Helping each and everyone of us in this world to be more mindful of the ways of peace is how we help make the world a better place.

Taking action begins by reflecting on ways that we can be more loving and compassion towards those we interact with in our daily lives. Taking action can mean volunteering in our community in loving and compassion ways. Taking action can mean financially supporting compassionate action-based organizations. Taking action can mean working for peace.

On this Remembrance Day I donated to MCC’s peacebuilding programs. Consider doing the same.

At a minimum, consider how you might work for peace.



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