My Lonely Stranded Goose Friend: Something’s Wrong

I saw him for the first-time last spring. He was just meandering around a subdivision I drive through on a regular basis. I didn’t think anything of it at first. I figured he must have wandered away from the other Canadian Geese that hang around at a pond about a kilometer away. But then I kept seeing him.

Always alone.

I worried that he’d get hit by a car. He was often walking along the roadside, and sometimes in the middle of the road, not a care in the world.

I saw him through the spring and then through the summer and into the fall. Then one day he disappeared. I didn’t know if he had flown south for the winter or if he had been hit by a car.

Then just a few weeks ago he showed up. I know it’s him because he has a distinctive mark on his leg, and he has two different coloured feet.

Every time I see him I feel bad. Why is he here? Is his internal GPS hardwired for this location because of the pond that used to be here, perhaps it’s the place he was born? Other geese seemed to know that this is no longer their home—they’ve moved on.

It seems to be another example of some of the side effects of urban sprawl. I’m not advocating that we shouldn’t build new subdivisions. But I do want us to take the time to think about the impact we’re having on nature. Are we tipping the delicate balance too far away from a healthy equilibrium? I suspect we are.

The world is ever-changing. I hope we all take our responsibility as stewards of this wonderful earth we live on to maintain it in a way that allows all things to have their place within it.

2 thoughts on “My Lonely Stranded Goose Friend: Something’s Wrong

  1. Joanne says:

    I think you’re right on all counts Steve. Thanks for encouraging us to take action to help heal our planet. Let’s remember that no matter how small our step is, when millions take these little steps, we do make a difference.

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